Thoughts & Photos
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Biblical Study Tour
to Israel

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Galilee / Dead Sea / Jerusalem and more!

April 23 – May 3, 2018


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About Us

Our background

At God's Hands Agency, we love God, and we love the people who love Him. Because of our work with the Deaf, we bring unique experiences and wisdom to the challenges of effectively communicating the truths of God’s Word.

Understanding the Bible as THE source of legitimate TRUTH, we welcome the mission to provide you with travel experiences to venues that will increase your understanding OF, and relationship TO,
God Himself.

How we got started

Our first extended mission trip was over 3 months, and over 2,000 miles, on recumbent tricycles. This first Mission Possible Tour was an example to everyone we encountered that "ALL things are possible with God." See for details.

Why do we love Israel?

Our love for God has extended to a love for the ones God calls "His Special People." The video "I Am Israel" is one of the best representations we have found that expresses how we feel about this blessed country, and why we love traveling to Israel. Full version DVDs and Blue-Ray DVDs of this most excellent film can be purchased at

An excerpt of the film can be seen HERE. Captioning is available via YouTube, but it does struggle with some of the words.

We had the opportunity to visit Jerusalem Assembly, a Messianic congregation of believers on the 5th floor of an industrial building just south of Jerusalem that was a highlight of our tour. Thank you, John Theodor!

Stay tuned to for more details about other upcoming Biblical Study Tours.

We'd love to have you join us!

[The picture of the stone steps, with the Mount of Olives in the distance, is very likely a place where Jesus ACTUALLY walked, traveling from the Garden of Gethsemane, across the Kidron Valley, up past the High Priest's home.]

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